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My whereabouts (preface to DOM manipulation with Javascript)

Hi there, for a long time I didn’t blog here. That’s partly because in June I changed my working field from pre-development to development for the mass production. This has been a great opportunity – connected with a permanent hiring at my alltime-favourite car company: Audi.

But now I’m enjoying my winter holidays at my parent’s place – and I’ve got time to checkout something that had interested me for quite a time: Javascript. Some years ago I already did take a few steps with JS – but then it wasn’t really comfortable at all.

Now Рa few years later, there are interesting libraries available that cover a wide variety of  common tasks Рmostly driven by developers from the AJAX movement.
But not only are there some libs – there are great IDEs that allow a fast and efficient development.

After asking a few fellow developers, I decided to try the Eclipse based Aptana IDE together with jQuery – a lightweight library that seemed to suite my needs quite well. I also took a glance at dojo – but the small distribution package of jQuery (one single .js file) was exactly what I was searching for.